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Question: What about combination of imunosan and tribulus terrestris forte or king kong and imunosan?
Answer: Mr. Patrick J Murphy
Hi, I would go with the King Kong and immunosan. They may help coupled with exercise and a good diet. I can not comment on the tribulus as it is not allowed in the uk or Ireland any longer. It´s important if you follow what I have told you and no improvement takes place after 6 to8 weeks that you get a blood test from your doctor and check your hormonal levels. Have a nice weekend. Kind regards, Patrick Murphy.


King Kong and Drags

Question: it possible to take drags imun drops and king kong together.. How to take those products when using together? Tnx
Answer: Mr. Patrick J Murphy: Hi, yes you can take both products. The King Kong 6 drops morning and evening, a half hour before food. With regards to drags immune I feel 7 drops in a little water morning and evening after food. I very much hope you have a nice weekend. Kind regards, Patrick Murphy.


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